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MANAtv’s Cyber Biker by Jes

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Cyber Biker Lower Body

**Cyber Biker Helmet **

**Cyber Biker Shoes **

**Cyber Biker Upper Body **


I added the Female version of the suit so now it works with both male & female characters and their different wearables.

can’t wait for this to come out, that helmet specially is dope!

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Thank you Deli! the helmet is my favorite too!

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Added new waist belt, and back of the legs protectors to the suit with my team. This suit uses magnetic repulsion forces for extra protection (that’s why the protective pieces are floating).

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Nice looking collection, the helmet does look awsome

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Hi! Publisher asked me to check his fixes and minor updates on this wearable collection, here is things that needs to be fixed:

Add this categories to hiding list:

  • helmet: hat

  • helmet: add some thickness or close holes

  • shoes: add some thickness or close holes

  • body: snap bottom border vertices of your body to top border vertices of standard legs, add thickness or close holes to parts of body that requires it

  • legs: snap top border vertices of your legs to bottom border vertcies of standard body, the same thing with bottom part of legs

all listed things needs to be fixed for both M and F representations
thank you!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

publisher fixed issues, collection re-approved!

@theankou Can we please revert back to the original design?

This looks nothing like the original that was sold and I bought for quite a lot of MANA, 290 MANA if i’m not mistaken. (now priced at 5 MANA)

If the wearable can not be reverted to the original. The DCL DAO should repay me the FULL amount of MANA I paid for the original wearable and design.

Please see the obvious difference in design from original to what you have approved for some reason.

new design:

In the future, if the design updated is SO DIFFERENT from the original, you should advise they make a NEW COLLECTION.

Appreciate your time and attention to this matter.

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@theankou Any response/thoughts?

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@collections @HirotoKai @theankou thoughts here?

Hey! Yeah, sorry, this collection was one of my first collections that i re-approved when joined curation team, there was not any rule about re-approve back then, but nowadays yeah, i won’t re-approve collections thats really old. I didn’t knew that design was changed that much, i think the best way will be to disable collection for now and wait for answer from publisher. Apologies :frowning:

@ThePromoter if possible, please bring back old design. I will disable collection today until changes will be made.

Thank you. I do think that the wearable should be reverted back to the original that was already approved by the curation team. If that’s not possible, I would like to explore getting refunded the amount of Mana I purchased these items for originally.

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I spoke with JRRtoken about his concerns, I been trying to get in contact with my wearable guy about this issue to rectify it. I am working on resubmitting the suit with some minor repairs of the shoulder pads and alignment of the pads with the older suit look and also the glow. I will contact you guys on discord when it is ready.

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Huge thanks to The Promoter for fixing the wearable and reverting it to the original plus some bonus flare. Much appreciated.

I bought most of the pieces of this suit with the redesigned look, not realizing the history outlined in this thread. The helmet in the version that JRRToken complained about went well with the Cybertorian Jacket and Meteorchaser pants, in particular. The pants/boots also went well with FabeoBreen’s CyberBomber Mikoshi, which was the original reason I bought them.

Now that I know what happened, I want to burn these pieces. I minted two pieces on 7/10 (A day before the collection was “disabled”), minted a third on 7/31 (Well after it was “disabled”) and was airdropped the last piece. I’m pointing this out because it sounds like there’s a problem with the disabling process. If a collection’s disabled, why was I able to mint that third piece?

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