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Mana Jocker

ready for review! stay tuned!

Hey, I’ll review this right now. I wonder if it’s a translation issue so might not be an issue but might consider review the name, might have meant to be JOKER :black_joker: but no stress if in other language it’s known as Jocker~

Hello! yes, you are right! It’s JOKER! I was able to change the name of the character. But could you correct the publication title? I think I can’t change it from the panel…

You can’t change collection name due to it being minted onto the block chain, I’m sorry!
The only question is if you would like to weight the head to be 100% top head with some weighting around the neck to connect to the body~
If you’re happy with this weighting then it’s good to go.

Let me now!

I have seen the effect but I liked it, I will weigh it and decide which effect to keep, it will only take a few minutes!

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Ready! I have decided to keep it as it is now, I like the effect of showing “another face” of the JOKER jhehehehe

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I look forward to approval! :grinning:

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I’m sorry, was just doing one last check! This is good to go but can you drop the tri count to 5000tris and material/texture to 5 as per the guidelines?
Once that’s updated I’ll close it off!


mmm So you can’t pass? How can I lower that? I thought that skin could go up to those settings… =(. I will see what I can do anyway…

It will be difficult to lower those levels, could there be an exception this time?

I was able to download the textures and materials, could I make an exception with the triangles since it is a skin? Stay tuned!

So sorry late reply! I was working on something~
Maybe check the head, sometimes it’s the circles and cylinders that shoot up the tri count. If anything re-create a circle with less tris and let me know how you go. :open_mouth:

If you get realy stuck, DM me and I’ll have a look!

Ok I’m working on it, could it be 6k-6.5k? I don’t want to take too much “quality” away from the character.

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Try to get it as close to 5k and I’ll review when it’s ready! Do your best~

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Hello again! I can’t get the triangles down without losing a lot of quality. I was able to solve the textures… with the theme of the triangles, can an exception be made? I’m posting often and will keep that in mind in the future! I don’t want to modify much the character! Please! I await your answer.
You can go down to 4 textures and 4 materials. And remove the green hair to lower the triangles a bit. But it deforms a lot… I hope you can make the exception to not have to modify the character too much!

Hey my friend! Just looking it’s now gone up so much haha
Let me know once it’s updated with the most current file and I’ll review~

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Hi, I’ll check it out now, I’ll download as much as I can! I’ll keep you posted!

Hello… I made some changes and now everything is fine. Could you check it for approval? I remain attentive

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Hey amazing work getting it down! Looks really good~
This has been closed off. Thank you!

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