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Mageva Megève Collection

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Gold Mageva Megève Necklace

Red Gold Mageva Megève Necklace

Mageva Megève Earrings & Choker

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Please, make sure all the thumbnail backgrounds are transparent.

  2. How many items are supposed to be in the collection? It’s 3 in the builder, but only 2 in-game.

  3. Consider adding some geometry to represent an actual earring/actual earrings, so that the wearables match the selected category.

  4. Consider finetuning rigging here:


Hello, thanks for your review! I’m working on the corrections. Which category should I choose if it is only a necklace because there is no such category? Not sure what you mean by 2 in-game because I submitted the 3 items with same filled fields. Could you explain what you mean by 2 in-game?

Unfortunately, there is no category for necklaces, and if you add those to the earring category, it’d be better to add an earring\earrings model to it - even the simpliest.

I mean, that the Earring and Choker wearabale doesn’t appear in the in-game inventroy, like on the screen. It’s a very odd behaviour, have you been charged the comission for all three items?


Ok so I will think about adding some light earring… Yes I paid the fees for the 3 itmes as they appear in the forum post. Is there a bug?

Gosh, sorry, for some reason I assumed all three items were unisex, while one of them is female only. Nevermind, it’s my bad fully :slight_smile: The item is technically there, but the model seem to have some problems leading to it not being shown on the avatar. I’d suggest reseting all transforms of the model and re-uploading it.

ALSO both female representations of the necklaces look completely identical. There seem to be a really slight color difference in emission, but it’s barely noticable.


Ok good all 3 items are there.

Yes the necklaces have just a color difference from yellow gold to red gold and it is the reason 2 versions have been added.

Regarding the choker version, I’ll get back to you regarding “reseting all transforms of the model and re-uploading it”.

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By the way, yes red gold and yellow gold are less noticeable on white skin but when skin gets darker then the red color is more visible.

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Hi. The transforms for the model were alread reset. I’m testing it both in the Builder and In World and not sure what is the problem you are refering too. I’d appreciate if you could elaborate so I can make the required changes.

Hey! The problem is on the video.

Is the model on your screenshot the one uploaded for approval? May the version I’m reviewing be an older, not updated one?


Hello, I’ve uploaded the new versions a few days ago. I’ve checked again in ropsten and can see the choker version. See attached.


It’s all good now, collection approved. Dunno what the issue was about.


I really love this!!!

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Great! Thank you for your help during the review.