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M-Social coupon

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M-Coupon ₽50k

Hey, looks like this hasnt been pushed to curation tab. Can you please go back to builder and push a small change?

Sorry, how do I do that?

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Go to builder page and make a small change like a description and then save

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It does not seem to work.
Even replacing a model and thumbnail does not help.

Nope it worked I now see it in curation tab! Ty!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Оh, okay, thank you!

Can you please add a top head to the design so it fits the category and display it on at least 50% of the thumbnail?

Is there any way to make it just a model in the hand? Maybe I should pick other category?

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Theres currently no such category and thats the only workaround

Changed the model, edited the thumbnail.

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Looks good! Please just reduce the size of money on thumbnail and increase the size of top head so that it takes 50% of thumbnail/ has the same size as the money.

Changed the thumbnail

пн, 3 окт. 2022 г., 19:30 Yannakis via Decentraland <>:

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Collection approved!

Hello. I’ve decided to change the design, in retrospect this looks absolutely awful. May this collection still be reviewed and approved again?

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Please add a top head so I can approve.

Approved the channge!