Collection 'Low Poly Models World' created by KJWalker is ready for review!

Low Poly Models World

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Low Poly Glasses

Cyberpunk Octopus

Rainbow Eyes

Brain Tee with Tattoos

Cyberpunk Jellyfish


Awesome stuff KJ! Can’t wait to see these in game

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I love the t-shirt w/ the tattoos !

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That jellyfish override is the HYPE and I no longer want to be human.


My collection isn’t ready to be approved just yet! I need to change the backgrounds to transparent ones and wait until there is a new category in the wearable editor for full-body wearables. Hoping to see them in the metaverse soon :slight_smile:

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I want to be a jellyfish too! :sob:
Really amazing wearable haha


Hey Kat, any idea when there is supposed to be a full-body wearable category added?

No though I hope it will be soon. @Nacho is there an ETA for a full body wearable category and other categories requested by the community like arm accessory, torso accessory and a random category? Thanks!

Hey @grimey! Please could you review this collection when possible? It’s an old one that’s just been updated :partying_face:

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Sure thing! Taking a look now

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Awesome wearables!! Nice stuff. All approved!

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Hey @grimey! Just pushed a hands update whenever you have the chance to review. Thanks :slight_smile:

Heya! This should be re-approved now!