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LoveWatts Wearable

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LoveWatts Glove

Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Since you are using the Earring slot, you should include some earring into the wearable and the thumbnail as well (earring object should take at least 50% of the thumb space).
Thumb size: 512x512
Let me know @ here when you are ready

Thanks @fabeeobreen for the reply, how should I submit it then as it is not a earring and there is not suitable category?

Hello @bubba
You can add some earring geometry that will justify the category.
Otherwise you can make it upperbody by adding torso geometry.

We don’t have a “gloves” or “rings” category yet, you should combine your wearble with one of the existing.

@fabeeobreen I see there are a lot of accessories in the same situation put as “top head” in the market place (many of them having no relation to the head), could I not follow the same?

I really don’t want to create another geometry that will take 50% of the thumb space.

Sorry it is not possible to approve without this update.
You can either use the top head adding something on top head

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Updated @fabeeobreen, let me know if there any other adjustments

collection approved! @bubba

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