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LOST - The Alchemist

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey this is good to go, looks really cool!
Before I approve there was just some slight hair clipping with head explode. If you’re ok with this then I’ll approve otherwise let me know if you update~


Hi Michi,

This is fine, thanks for the prompt reply.

Let’s go ahead and list this item. Many thanks!

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Thank you @virtrix ! I actually went to approve but noticed it needs to hide: eyewear, mask, helmet, tiara.
if you can update that I’ll approve asap~~~~

Hi Michi, just found that the model skin is slightly transparent - a shading issue.

Have revised the model to a new one fixing the hair issue too along with hiding eyewear, mask, helmet, tiara.

Thank you!


Thanks @virtrix ,
I thought that was intentional, like a ghost or inter-dimensional effect hahaha

This is all approved! Thank you so much, you’re a legend!!! Let me know if you need any further support~

Hi Michi, thanks for your help!

However, we are still seeing the skin as Under Review, can you please advise?

Hello Michi, wanted to follow up on the status.

We are looking to launch this wearable asap to catch an event that’s happening tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.

This was approved! Let me know if you have any issues minting and I’ll review asap!