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Long Lost x Uniqly

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Long Lost hoodie

gm committee! Johnny from Uniqly here, please tag me with the review :slight_smile: This hoodie is a part of our phygital drop with Long Lost, here’s the link -

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Hey @johnnyclock, Just a few things to fix!

  • It looks like there’s a few flipped faces on the hand. See screenshot


  • Currently there’s 3 textures in the file. Please remove the texture file from the avatar_MAT shader. This will automatically be applied by the engine so it can be removed to reduce your number of textures to 2.

  • Please raise the waist on the female model to avoid penetrations with the lower body.



hi @grimey! I think its fixed, take a look :slight_smile:

hey @grimey, everything correct?

Heya. This is now approved. Cheers!