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LOL Meme Face

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LOL Meme Face Mask

  • Description: Make your friends laugh out loud with this funny mask!
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Category: mask

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LOL Meme Face T-Shirt

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Strange… the shirt thumbnail is using the default female one rather than the thumbnail image I uploaded…

I am 99% sure this file was selected when I created and published this all in the builder:


Looks like I was able to update the thumbnail in the builder. Woohoo!

This collection of wearables works well with the avatar system, aside from a little clipping between the hand and mask during the kiss emote.

The LOL Meme Face wearables may contain IP issues related to design. Please provide written consent by the owner(s) of the intellectual property rights in order to proceed with this collection.

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Thanks Kat!

I would think all masks would probably have this clipping as well… is there some recommended way to make it look better in this situation?

I am trying to upload a new version of the mask without clipping, but there seems to be issues with the builder.

In order to fix the kiss clipping I need to upload separate male and female versions. However, the builder is not letting me do this…

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.15.43 PM

Whenever I add one and then go to try it with the other gender it says there is no file for that gender.

On the main page it gives me an error that I can’t make new items for published collections… I spent hours fixing these models, and now I can’t even upload them!! :rage:

ohh mannn, this is turning into a complete disaster… :cry:

Is there any way I can cancel this request and get my mana back since the builder doesn’t seem to be working properly here?

As for the ip rights, there is no owner currently afaik. I have filed this with the US copyright office… is registering there all that is needed? Do I need to wait until this is approved in order to publish these wearables?

It is copyright case number: 1-10614676661


Hey Jim, once a collection is approved you can’t make changes to items (otherwise someone could replace the approved models for faulty ones after approval). But you can ask the reviewer to reject your collection (collections can be rejected or approved any number of times), that will allow you to make modifications to items, and then ask the reviewer to approve it again. You won’t need to pay again for this, the 500 MANA is deducted once when your collection is created on chain, but now that it already exists it can be approved/rejected without paying.

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Ah wait, your collection is not approved yet, right? i think the problem is another one. You are trying to add a representation by creating a new item, and assigning it to an existing item. Instead, go to the item detail page that you want to edit, click on the three dot menu, and select “Add female representation”. That one should work.

Pls let me know if that one worked. If it did then this is a bug we need to fix (the fact that it works from as edit flow and not as new item flow)

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Thanks @sabe

That was the first way I was trying, but it’s not working. When I upload a glb file for only one gender it removes the one for the other and shows a “This item doesn’t have a [other gender] representation”…

I see, okay then, we’ll take a look at this cos it’s a bug then. Can’t give you an ETA but will let you know once this is sorted.

Phew. Okay, so I think there is definitely some kind of bug here, but I was able to work around it…

When I go into the builder and click the pencil icon to upload a new image it removes the one for the other gender…

However, when I add the other gender’s glb file from this page it works!

Do you guys think these mask(s) are ok now? The kiss animation is really tough because you want it to be close enough to the face that the fingers don’t go through but not so close that you can see the avatar’s lips coming through…

I think these ones now look pretty good with minimal finger clipping, if any.

@Kat @sabe let me know what else you need from me. thanks!

I’m glad you were able to workaround it :slight_smile: I notified the rest of the team and tracked this issue so we can fix it, it should work from both flows (from the New Item flow and the Edit Representation flow).

Regarding the masks i’ll let Kat answer since i’m not a reviewer myself.

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This is working much better with the kiss emote! It is notoriously tricky to get masks working well with that emote and there is often a little clipping. Some clipping is fine and can be unavoidable, it’s just a case of keeping it to a minimum as you’ve done here.

The thumbnail looks different to what you posted most recently, please let us know if that’s intentional or a possible issue with the tool.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 19.58.37

Thanks for registering a patent for the design, we may need to wait until it’s approved by the copyright office. We’re looking into it and will keep you updated.

Thanks Kat. No, that was not intentional.

It would be great if the builder saved my selections for the category and what the item “hides” and “replaces” as all these things seem to get reset when I upload a new glb file…

I uploaded a new thumbnail image though so it should be alright now.

Yep, I understand if you have to wait for the copyright response. I am thinking that they will either give me the rights to it or tell me that it is uncopyrightable and public domain, and in either case I should be able to publish this collection, right?

I guess there is a small chance they tell me someone else owns exclusive rights to it, but I could not find ANYTHING in all my research on the US copyright office and elsewhere…

The only thing is the copyright office is saying it could take 3 months for them to get back to me… oof! :fearful:

Thanks DecentraJim! Please submit any documents related to copyright to and please reconfirm that the wearables submitted are in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and that you accept those terms.

It might take a while, but I’ll get back as soon as I hear from them. thanks!