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Little Dude Backpack

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Little Dude Backpack

hey il lcheck this now

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

hi can you reduce the textures down to 500 or add another accessory to the hide list?

yeah sure what is the best to put in?
as an Helmet?

just add glasses or something to hides list

ok have earrings hide

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great could you add a bit of geometry in the tiara area to make it suit the category?

yeah sure, does it need to be visible or can it be hidden in the head?

can i change the file after i send it here? or do i have then to pay again?

so i changed the file. i just put an normal geometry in the head that it fits the category

yes it needs to be visible and also take up 50% of the thumbnail design

ah okay then i have to rework this quick. or is it better to put it in another catergory? like in earrings and just put some earrings on it? i mean its almost the same.

that is a possibility, yes. make sure you dont forget to update the thumbnail as that will need to be done no matter which category you choose to go with

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yeah ok i do that. :slight_smile: i send info when its done

so i have redone it. it is now in earrings category and has an simple earring and it is seeable on the Thumbnail. hope its Ok and Tiara is Hidden. :slight_smile:

This collection has been approved

Thanks Man and thanks for ur Help :slight_smile: next time i got it faster :slight_smile:

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