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Limited Edition Distressed Jeans

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G.G. Distressed Jeans


Awesome design and detail

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hey i will review this now

are you okay with there being no female representation?

@Sango thank you for reviewing… yes for now…

what is for now shall be forever… what is published now is what the wearable shall remain as to avoid complications.

if you want to add a female representation to this model in the future i suggest doing it now, or if you dont want a female representation i can continue review this as a male only item

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I think it’s best suited for a male.

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ok cool i will continue the review

this collection has been approved

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@sango Sorry for the late reply… thanks you :slight_smile: We are going to resubmit changes within the next day or so.

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@Sango fixed the jeans to fit all shoes and do the high demand of the female avatars I added female representation :wink:

@Sango keep me posted…

These JEANS are INSANE in all honesty :exploding_head:

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Wow, these jeans look super stylish! As a female, I would definetely pick up a pair of these! Great job @TheGoldGuy, you’re killing it in the jean market!

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@sango @michi @Lauretta can someone approve my update before fashion week?

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Hey @goldguy! I’ll ping @sango and if it hasn’t been re-reviewed in a bit I’ll jump in and help~

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So much better cut…