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Lilac BB Tee

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BrokenBrand Lilac Tee

i would like to change background on Tee

Hi! Checking collection now! :point_left:

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Yes, it’s possible! You won’t be able to change color after collection will be approved! So, before approval, feel free to change and update model if needed :sweat_smile:

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will i be able to update the background on the photo after drop/?

tee is good to go… im just working on the cover photo for it

i recommend you to push all needed updates before approval

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okay i have just made final changes @theankou

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thank you!

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okay @theankou should be good to go

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okay i fixed it but for some reason the fistbump emote breaks the butt lol @theankou

and emote fixed! all is good to go @theankou

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Hi! this part should be weight painted to 1 on hip bone, front side is good

everything is weighted. if done any different it breaks with butt in that emote and only that one… @theankou

please check! i believe its all fixed @theankou

collection approved!

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thank you so much!!!

@theankou i just uploaded the photo i forget you have to keep redoing photo everytime you change wearable
im sorry but i need the photo changed

is this still possible?