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Let’s Get Poppin

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Bubble Gum

Hey, will review this now.

hey sorry to butt in, i saw you were active most recently. 5 hours ago lauretta asked me to just delete a tag i had enabled for searches, otherwise it was approved. i did as she requested but havent heard anything in 5 hours. if you have a minute would you be able to review it and if it passes your approval then push it thru. heres a link below. thank you for your time!

They’ll get to it :slight_smile: most second reviews take longer but should be by the end of day!

thank you, i appreciate the response. its nerveracking to be out of the loop so its nice to know that. take care!

Any word on my bubble gum? And his wearable? Looks like everyone went dark😅

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thanks for not being mad i jumped in. i just was trying the most direct route for some info. i appreciate you zach

Broski my guy. My homie, can I get a wuhwuh

Hello! Approved. Sorry, had troubles with builder yesterday, would have approved sooner otherwise.


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Hello! Your curator will get to it ASAP, I’m not to interfere :slight_smile:

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