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** B.A.Y.C. HAT**

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Hello will review this one today

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Thank you! This is my first wearable. Kinda nervous and excited! Ill be on the lookout to see if you want any changes made. I appreciate it!

no problem at all, the wearable it’s ready to go but before that can you remove the bayc tag from the tags section just in case of copyright

yes i sure can. it will be done in one moment, thank you!

all set! tag is deleted

thanks will revieww it again as soon as I can

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Hi i was just checking since its been a few hours to see if you had a chance to review the changes you requested. Sorry to bug you!
dumb metapod joke

anyways thanks for your time. i appreciate it.

So everybody can use B.A.Y.C. and “ApeCoin” Name for Wearables?



I’m also baffled by the concept of removing ‘bayc’ from the tags, but allowing it in the collection name, item name, and as a graphic on the wearable itself.

Exciting times we’re living in.


i saved the description after re wording it not knowing it would have to be pushed for approval again. i apologize about that…

as for the 2 goons that decided to open their mouth on my post.
i really don’t care about your level of saltiness. yall can suck it.

No need for insulting us

if you were insulted by my previous statement then im glad i revised it about 4 times before i sent it. don’t open your mouth on someone else’s work. you may kindly exit now.

Amazing start - Good luck with “your” work.

yeah it is my work. look around at the marketplace. how many times do you see a btc eth mana logo on someones work. don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re Picasso

Again: Please stop insulting me

  • The Bitcoin logo was dedicated to the public domain under the cc0 license
  • The Ethereum logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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The very definition of a forum is a public meeting place for open discussion. The whole point of this forum is community review of your wearable. Be a part of the discussion, don’t insult community members and tell them to shut up. We are all here to bring value to Decentraland and to aid and improve the review system.

This is actually a valid question for the curation committee. Why is the Creator asked to remove the BAYC from his Tags because of a potential Copyright Violation, but not the BAYC logo from the hat? I am genuinely curious. @Lauretta


So using 4 letters from the alphabet and a small reference to a publicly traded coin is all the sudden far different. Unless you have something to say that doesn’t make it look like you’re a random troll typing away when no one asked you to then we’re done here

Cool down - no one here cares about your hat and whether or not it is approved.

What we care about is making sure that logical, consistent standards are applied during the approval process. Decentraland is a community-run world, open discussion and feedback is how we evolve. If you can’t handle that. you are going to have a hard time here.

But you know , that’s just coming from “random trolls” like myself, @ArnjJoe and @ArtReYou.


You are not using random 4 letters - you try to sell you Wearable under the Brand of BAYC… thats a HUGE difference. So with your logic, you also could create a R.O.L.E.X. watch wearable? You think this is the way IP works?

Im not here to argue with you, may @Lauretta could please answer my question. Thank you in advance

Maybe other Curators could also help here for better understanding: @Yannakis @michi @HirotoKai @Shibu