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Legend’s Gear

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Legend’s Gear


Hello guys, here’s the proper thumbnail. It looks correct in the Builder, but seems to show differently in the forum post for whatever reason ~

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Looks so good, love the way the cape has been modelled!

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Thanks, Michi! It took a lot of testing to get it feeling right.

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Final models are up and working well on the Ropsten test net for both male and female versions ~ kindly bumping, thank you!

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uuh that hurts :rofl:

Thank you! Your collection has been approved.


Ha! Yes… I couldn’t find a way around the head knifing xD

Thank you for the approval, @vrglitch!

Disabled temporarily due to copyright concerns

Dear Chestnut,

As we discussed already in the Discord, I wanted to post my response here for the sake of being transparent. This wearable is not intended to be a replica of any kind, but rather an homage. I believe that the Legend’s Gear is to be considered a ‘derivative work’ for the following reasons:

  1. All 3D assets were modeled from scratch and are intentionally meant to be vague interpretations inspired by RS lore
  2. The scale and position of each element is different than the originals they were inspired from in RS
  3. There is no single item like this in the RS world - this is a combination of many derivative pieces into one unique item
  4. There is no explicit indication of ‘dragon weaponry’ or any specific components/wording that may be considered to infringe on IP; the name and description in DCL are entirely unique

Thank you for your consideration as this is reviewed. I encourage anyone else from the community to step in and state their thoughts as well.

Hey @Archonomous

I don’t think the fact that you made them from scratch really matters. Imagine if someone made adidas sneakers and sold them, would the fact that they made them from scratch make a difference?

Also I disagree that it is a vague interpretation of the runescape items. Below is an image with the comparisons. On left side are the runescape items, right side the decentraland wearables. small differences in position or scale aren’t sufficient to say it’s a derivative work.

Okay, we will work on modifying the GLBs and will re-submit for consideration – thanks!

Hello @Chestnutbruze & @vrglitch,

While this item update has been a long time coming, I hope you find the latest updates satisfactory for this item to go back into a live status. Both a male and female representation have been added to the Builder via PartyPete. Thank you in advance for your re-review! V’best ~

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Hello @vrglitch, kindly bumping this for when you have a moment to see the latest updates above, thanks!

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I saw this but I’m silly, VR is currently inactive LOL
If you dont mind I can just re-review this :sweat_smile:

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

This looks good @Archonomous , just remove the blood and reduce the larger sword to be smaller in size. Seems a lot larger than before?

Not a problem, thanks for stepping in!
We will clean the blood off of the armor and swords and ping you once updated. :slight_smile:
Regarding the sizing however, they model has remained the same scale since initial approval - is the size now an issue?

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Oh! Is it same?
Sorry looked bigger based of previous photos, if it’s as per previous then it’s ok. :ok_hand:t2:

Cool, the wearables and thumbnail have been updated and are now pseudo-gore-free!

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Hi Michi, please hold off on approving this for the moment - I discovered that the cape is single-sided and that I need to double and flip the cape faces first for it to look correct. Thank you!

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