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Legendary White Gorilla

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Nice! Awesome design Ryan, its looking good!

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I appreciate it bro. Just trying to keep up with all of you amazing creators.

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Gorillas for the win! Beautiful :smiley:

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reviewed and approved

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I appreciate it brotha


Thanks so much!


Pushed for changes because people wanted wings to be added so I “unhid” tiara. Need change approval. Thx!

collection re-approved


much love. Appreciate it brotha

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@shibu or @Malloy (either or) lol

1 more change submission. Working with metametals on a design and it requires eyewear be “unhid” for my gorilla helmet.

Just another simple change. Should be the last. Appreciate it man.

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niceeeeee, good idea!:heart:


@Saldivar24 hmm. The thing is: besides this new eyewear is going to clip with the majority of other eyewear, which is going to be the general behavior. On the contrary, the eyewear made for this helmet is not going to fit by itself the head of the avatar because is made specifically for the gorilla.

I would suggest to do a new helmet with eyewear integrated to the gorilla.

Let me know, thanks!


Good point. I did just go ahead to ropsten to test it out and yeah, regular eyewear has major clipping so no worries. Ill just go the route of maybe creating another helmet with eyewear integrated. Thx!

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I unhid top head instead and we will work for something for that category since that category doesnt affect the helmet. So just a simple change im needing approved. Thx!

Simple changes on this as well. Thx

we need these changes to rock other creators’ wearables!!!

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Simple unhide changes I made to helmet. Got the black helmet changes approved. Just needing this one. Thx!

What’s the status of this approval?

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