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Laser Tag Everywhere

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Laser Tag Everywhere

I will check collection now!

Hi! Please reduce triangle count to 1500 or less and material and texture count to 2

I reduced to triangle count to < 1500 and materials only two just now, thanks

collection approved!

Thanks. If you want to help beta test in genesis I’ll mint you one and we can try the multiplayer functionality let me know. I’ll be at 104,51

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I had to refresh because im stuck at wall on 104,51
Now im stuck on loading :frowning:

@OGContraBand Hi! I just noticed an issue!
Your wearable dont match handwear category

Please change category to anything else, like top_head, tiara or earring. I recommend to use earring category. Also make sure to add small earring dot on ears and on thumbnail, to be able to use category.

Hi theankou, I just saw this message. Please give me a day to fix this, thanks OGCB

Hi Theankou,

I took your advice and use earrings with small hoop design, update thumbnail as well.

I was air dropping these, set price to 80,000 not realizing people are going to resell them. To address the customer concern, I reduce price to zero (did not know that was an option previously) I also put ‘free demo’ in the title so nobody will be confused. I will give bitfiend a refund he paid on after market when I’m air dropping them. IMO games should be a public work like a road or a bridge especially in Decentraland.

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Hi @OGContraBand triangle count of gun for some reason increased from 1500 to 2000

Also, limit for earring category is 500 triangles, make sure to add some other categories to overrides → wearables list

I think the last time I reduce triangles a few days ago I forgot to save. I reduce this time I got it down to 1068 total and I overrode handwear since it won’t look good with a boxing glove on. Does that get me to the target? Thanks

collection re-approved!

Awesome! Thank you Theankou.