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Landlord NFT Wearables

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Landlord NFT Tracksuit

Landlord NFT Jacket

White shoes

There was an issue with builder when this was uploaded, can you please just re-upload just to sync the collection, let me know with @ and I can review :slight_smile:

Hi, I have re-uploaded a new collection, but not published it. Is this what you require?

please see previous message

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Nope, idk it’s sync’d now and I can check!

Really cool design, this is pretty much good to go, just something a bit funny on the front of female top happening with the faces. If you can fix that and let me know I’ll re-review ~


Can you please provide more detail about the issue with the female jacket. @michi

Oops, it looks like you updated to have male on both.
On the original it looks like when you extruded the jacket you also grabbed one of the faces on the shirt making it just out a bit at the hips. Let me know if I can help a bit more with feedback~


all fixed mate! Ready to go! @michi

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Thanks! That’s approved, let me know if I can support any further :slight_smile: