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LAGMI hoodie

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LAGMI hoodie

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Hey, please remove the background from the thumbnail to be transparent.

Hey Yannakis,

I’ve updated the thumbnail to be transparent.


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Colleciton approved!

Thanks a lot @Yannakis!

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Hello @Yannakis,

We have an issue with our hoodie.
On the editor the asset is displayed correctly, but in Decentraland, it is cropped and the image is not in its place.

Can you please help us? What is the issue?
Thanks a lot

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Hey @NicoArianee this usually happens when the texture size is not 512x512 or a multiplier of that

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@Yannakis Can I upload a new file and it will be reflected on all hoodies?

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Correct. You can go to the builder and replace the existing file. As a result all minted wearables will be updated along with the ones minted after the change!

@Yannakis thanks for your reply.

I’ve uploaded a new file, under review now

Awesome! Should be fixed now!

Hi @Yannakis I tried the new hoodie in DCL, still the same.
I tried sending an asset to another wallet, same pb.
I updated the OpenSea metadata for that specific asset I wore, still the same.

Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help,

dcl front pb
dcl back pb

Hey looks like these parts of the UV are overscaled so the texture is tiled. Make sure to unwrap and place the white areas over white spots of the texture.

Hey @Yannakis thanks for your message.
I’ve just uploaded our latest version with your feedback.

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Awesome. Approved the change!