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Kris Kay - Decentraland Floatie

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Kris Kay Floatie


Hey ya’ll, my first wearable collection, which @FrankyNeedles helped me create!

Giving these donut floaties to my biggest supporters on twitter!

Awaiting the community’s feedback and approval :slight_smile:

Hey, awesome wearable!

One issue I noticed though is the skinning, in exaggerated movements it shrinks in size, to avoid this I would suggest skinning the whole floating part to 1 joint. You can see what I mean in the reference below:

And the thumbnail could use some work. It’s a bit small, and has some transparent parts since the skin gets cropped out by the builder when it creates the thumbnails.

thanks for the feedback!

With @FrankyNeedles help, we will fix it! :slight_smile:

Will update you soon as we do. Appreciate your time.

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Hi! - We have fixed the issues pointed out initially!

Thanks for your time and I hope to see it approved today :slight_smile:

Hey @kris , looks like some vertices are incorrectly skinned underneath the floating device

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thanks for the feedback and sorry once again!

We have gone back to the drawing board and resubmitted just now! :slight_smile:
Hopefully this was the last edit, so we don’t take up any more of your time!

thank you! - looking forward to hearing back / getting it approved.

Hey @kris , no worries. Thanks for making the changes, approved :slight_smile:

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thank you so much for your time and patience!

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