Collection 'KOA Wasteland Monarch' created by Antrom is ready for review!

KOA Wasteland Monarch

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Wasteland Monarch Helm

Wasteland Monarch Pants

Wasteland Monarch Armor

I will check collection now!

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add this categories to overrides → wearables list:

  • hat
  • earring
  • tiara
  • mask

reduce triangle count to 3000 or less, handwear category gives only 1500 extra triangles, while limitation for body is 1500

small weight painting issue

holes needs to be closed

@theankou could you please check again?

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Hi @DCLDating!

add hands category to overrides → base body, for body wearable

the rest is good!

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Sorry about that, its fixed

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collection approved!

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@theankou I pushed a change to the helmet hides. thank you

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collection re-approved!

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