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KingX | OniNeon Pants

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Really cool, can I get a community member or yourself @ferdiyusufdemir to translate this text so I can confirm it meets guideline requirements?

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Of course, you can have someone from the community translate it to you. @michi

This kanjiiiii is mirrored @ferdiyusufdemir ! Thats why I can’t recognise any of it. haha

For your reference this means “Come on” like you are going to fight. there’s a body of script on the other leg that I recommend maybe removing it just because I can’t be certain it meets guidelines (or you can provide a translation of what you put on there!) no stress.

Let me know when it’s updated and I’ll re-review~


Hahahah :smiley: @michi The product has been updated, can you check again?

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Sorry, just having some builder issues but will approve once it’s working smoothly~
I noticed the kanji is still mirrored, is that ok?

No problem. You can confirm when your problem is fixed. @michi

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@ferdiyusufdemir this is all approved, thank you for being patient with builder updates!