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**BigNasty’s Key Sword **


The thumbnail was uploaded to show the earrings :slight_smile:

super cool man! * high fives *

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LETS FUXKIN GO! Super excited to see this one release! BIGNASTY TO THE MOON! If anyone ever needs any help creating wearables, Please reach out to BNDesigns :innocent:

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That’s my man! :smiley: we all winning!!

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @ArthurDent !
This looks so good~
Before I approved please send through confirmation to use IP from Kingdom Hearts to otherwise please update to be an original design.

Thank you and look forward to hearing back! :cloud:

I always love the screenshots! :rofl: I will update the model now! thank you!

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Haha not compulsory but a MANA blade would be sick :eyes:

Michi! you gave me the best idea!!! I’ll NEED to do a mana blade… LOL. The item/name can’t be changed once submitted though, right?

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Item name can be updated lol

Only things that cant change are the collection name and rarity, everything else isn’t sync’d to the blockchain yet~~~~ :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

hmm… you’re making me itch to do a mana blade now!
I’m going to start now. I’ll keep you updated, I DEFINATELY have something in my drafts I can use! lol

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haha I’m too excited! Feel free to let me know if I can support or when it need re-review~

Sounds good! It’ll take me around an hour, I’ll reply to you when its ready for re-review :slight_smile:
Also, tell me why i woke up at 4:00AM 1 minute after you were assigned the collection xD

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Fate lol
It’s 10.30pm for me so I’ll be around, no rush!

New model and thumbnail are uploaded :slight_smile:

Made this from scratch in about 1 hour! lol

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Let me know if there are any more changes needed :slight_smile:

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This is super close just shift the angle slightly to avoid clipping with the sword when running!
Other than that it’s good to go~

I was just about to fix that! we’re on the same wavelength xD

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This is all approved, thank you for the update~