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Keep A Breast

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Keep A Breast - WAGMI

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Keep A Breast - Donor

Hi there, reviewing now and I found one standout issue;


If you can upload the female representation for this item, they should be good to go!

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Hey Malloy,

First time submitting to Decentraland so I didn’t know I would find replies here.

Going to fix this right now!

Thank you

Just finished uploading the female representation! please take a look when you have a chance and let me know if there are any other issues.

Bump! Just want to check on the status of these.

@bhulston17 I’m pretty sure these were approved

Hey malloy, on builder.decentraland it says that they are still under review. Turning on notifications now so if you hit me I should get back to you sooner, sorry about the delayed response I am travelling right now.

Bumping this! this drop was for charity so hoping to be able to send these out fairly soon