Collection 'KAZUTO Drip Maxx Moon Beamz' created by ParzivalKazuto#90af is ready for review!

KAZUTO Drip Maxx Moon Beamz

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KAZUTO Drip Maxx Moon Beamz


To the curation committee member that reviews these: these are made on the same model that the below listed shoes were made on that were previously approved. They are all part of one “collection”. Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you!

Drip Maxx 1990’s

Drip Maxx Neon Nightz

Drip Maxx Ultra Violetz

Hey, will review this now.

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  1. Slight clipping issue here:

  2. Consider reducing number of materials and textures to 2 each maximum. It’s 4-3 atm.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


Lets Goo!! So Keen For These

@AndreusAs I fixed the clipping issue with the back of the shoes I believe if you would like to re-review
Screenshot 2022-03-23 171008

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@AndreusAs sorry to bother you, these are supposed to be used for a VIP wearable at one of the events for MVFW if you could get back to it ASAP. usually not in a rush but kind of am on this one and need to be able to fix anything I need to to get a quick approval.

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Hello! Collection approved!


thanks!! really appreciate it!!

Congrats on approval…and once again great looking pair of shoes!

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