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KatMonstarz X Landz

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KatMonstarz X Landz Polo

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Heya! Just a few things to fix -

  • Make all the vertices are merged so there’s no gaps in the mesh. See below for an example

  • You’ll need to provide a female .glb with a higher waist line so it doesnt penetrate.


  • Please make the thumbnail transparent


It does look this is a mesh from the github of wearables that already exist

The mesh will need to be altered so that its not an exact replica of the default wearable. Please take a stab at adjusting it if you can.


Hey Grimey,

We will work on that and upload again !

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Hello Grimey,

The designer made the corrections :

Made the vertices are merged
Provided a female .glb
Made the thumbnail transparent
Altered the mesh

Hope it’s ok now !


Ben x Katmonstarz

Heya! Thanks for the update. The old holes in the mesh are fixed, but there now there are new ones around the collar. Please see left screenshot. It looks like the female waist is still too low as well, see right screenshot.



Hello @grimey ,

@michi explained me how to upload correctly the female and male separately.
Now I can see both of them in the editor. Both look good to me.

Can you verify again ?

Sorry for being such a newbie lol…



The female and male waist line is working great now. Thanks for fixing!

Just one more issue with the collar still, see screenshot.


Hello Grimey !!

This bug, can’t be seen on the editor tool, how can we see it on our side ?

Anyway we will proceed to the collar modification, and let you konw



GM GM Grimey,

We upload the last version with some merge modifications on the collar.

We couldn’t see any problem on Blender or DCL editor but designer merged everything he could.

Hopefully it will be good this time. If not let me know :slight_smile:

Find attached images of what we see in editor tool.

Thanks for the help

@grimey @michi !Just realize we can test on “real world” and the collar is not ok yet…
But what I don’t understand is that everything works perfectly on editor and on Blender.
So can you explain what exactly is the problem and how to correct it ?

Many tanks for your help.

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Hey! Yep, no problem.

This is caused by flipped normals. To see what way your faces are in blender, you’ll need to turn on Face Orientation.


Once you can see which ones are red, you can select them and flip them. I’m hitting f3 in this gif to search for the flip normals function.


Let me know if you run into any more trouble. Feel free to DM me on the discord too.


@grimey @michi , thanks again for the help.

I uploaded the last version. I tested in Real and it looks good now.
@grimey I will shoot you a DM on Discord to let you know.

For the past week, the designer and I have been learning a lot about wearable because of you.

We are both from the textile industry in France so it’s important for us. :slight_smile:


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Hey @Katmonstarz. Just 1 more thing still to fix.

  • There a gap on the male on the inside of the collar still. Check screenshots



Hey @grimey the designer worked on it and I uploaded the last version with gap on the male modified !

let me know if everything works this time :slight_smile:

Great thanks! Approved!