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Volcano Dress

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Hey @katestoltz! How are you?

There are a couple of issues to fix in order to be approved.

  1. The normals of the models are flipped in some locations. Here you can find some guidelines for this case: Decentraland Wearables Update | Decentraland

  1. The wearable is clipping when the avatar runs, you can check this using “see in world” in order to test it.

  1. Because this wearable is an upper body that hides lower body i would suggest to make the dress in one single piece a not dividing the mesh in upper and lower.

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 15.50.34

Let me know! Thanks

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Thank you for the feedback. I uploaded a corrected version. Can you check?

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Where is the place to resubmit the article for review?

Hey @katestoltz ! I still see the normals flipped :frowning: Also the clipping issues.

You would need to re-upload the wearables again. ( NO NEED TO PAY THE SUBMISSION AGAIN). Just upload again here.

Let me know!

I uploaded the corrected file. Can you check?
Thank you,

Can you check? I uploaded a corrected version.