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Kandy Girl Hat

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Kandy Girl Cap


Do you want to add hair to your model?

@michi and I redesigned the hat. We decided it’s ok to hide the hair. Please approve @Lauretta Thank you.

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I’ve also made it a unisex hair style and added emission to the logo. It was easier to redesign and optimize quality!

@Lauretta just following up here. Thank you

Nice one must look gooood in DCL

@Lauretta it’s been a couple months for this one can you please approve

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@michi anyway you can approve this thing it’s been a few months lol thanks buddy

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haha I can’t approve wearables I’ve made but I’ll throw it over to @Yannakis or @DuckiezKing to get this closed off?

Will take a look at it in a few mins!

@Yannakis Done @DuckiezKing

Collection approved!