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JTV Floss

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @JTV ,
This looks really good. Can you try re-uploading it to sync the thumbnail?
(currently not loading in game)

Let me know once that’s done and I’ll approve!

Thank you


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I think I have it right now. Let me know if there is anything else Thank you @michi

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Sorry, just finding a solution to the thumbnail not showing in backpack. I’ll approve asap~

Do you have an estimated time of completion @michi

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Hey @JTV , thanks for being so patient!
The devs were able to update the emotes to fix the thumbnail bug so it should be ok. Let me know if you have any issues or need some support so I can pass it along!

Thank you : )

<3 cant wait lol
you finally fixed it!

Hey, the item is not showing up in my inventory in game, my assets in the marketplace, or the market where it is listed, after sending myself one and listing on the marketplace. @michi

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Hey @JTV I just disabled and re-enabled it! If you’re still having the issue let me know and I’ll forward to the devs!

Edit: Just forwarded this to Devs since it seems to be an issue effecting a few emotes atm!

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Just following up, this should be updated to no longer have an issue but let me know asap if it’s still not showing up!

It is working now thanks

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Hey @michi, I changed the emote to make a loop. Will you please reapprove when you have a moment? Thank You

Hey @JTV currently the start and finish is a standing pose where as for loop it should be a seamless action. Can you update this by just removing the stand pose at start and finish?

Fixed and should be good now. Thank you

@michi Should be good now.

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Oops! Sorry the delay!!!
That should all be approved now. Thank you~