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JTV’s OG Hoodie


Beautifull hoodie!!!

Awesome great design

I like it! I can´t wait to have one…

Looks good and nicely done

all sauce, no ketchup. Love the glowing hands and blue.

i love how puffy it looks! :open_mouth:

Hey, awesome hoodie.

You got some cool patterns on the shirt, but they are not visible ingame, only visible in the builder preview, it’s too dark ingame. I’d advise you to edit the texture so they are more visible

Hello Chestnutbruze, if you don’t mind, we would like to keep that pattern as low as possible visible in game, that’s just a touch to not be simple color, we don’t want to show the pattern that strong as in the builder, as we already checked in game. We tuned the item for the look in game " Ropsten", and we like it how it looks that way. Hope you can understand, thank you.

Okay, approved then :+1:

Thank you very much for a quick approval. It is sincerely appreciated!

Nice Design… looks nice and warm

Beautiful. I love every design from JTV.