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hahah nice!!! do you float too?

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Thanks :smile:
Of course :grinning:

Hi eveyone,

This is my first wearable. I really enjoy to create it, learn blender and shape low-polyI still have many things to learn and I will improove my work.

If I think the modeling part is OK but there is still maybe a problem with weightmap. It is pregnent with the female shape, see image below (that’s why I don’t include it).
If someone could help me to solve (I don’t find ressource), I will be glad to include the female version of the wearable in this pack if it’s still possible. Of course I also look for any sugggestion to perform it…

Many thanks for your help and advice.

Many thanks for appreciate @Shibu

No there’s not female representation. As I had a problem with bones attachment I don’t include it. But now, it is solved and as everything seems to be OK I will be glad to include it. I can’t update it in the collection. Is there an issue for this ?
A “Ctrl+Z” to select both representation for the collection before publishing :sweat_smile: ?
Send a zip file with JSON… , other ?


How to assign vertex to neck and hips bones : How to assign mesh to certain bones? - Blender Stack Exchange

Hey! Nice one, it seems the female representation didn’t get uploaded.


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I have just been promoted to trust user in the forum so I can post here.
I solved all the problems that I listed before. I improve my JetPack many times and it looks pretty good for both representation in editor and in world.
By the way, I could improve it again and again but maybe it’s going to really take off and fly in DCL :sweat_smile:
I think it’s ready for review and being approved. Don’t you think so ?
@Shibu @vrglitch @HirotoKai
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for your response.


Hey Decentraland Wearable Team,

I don’t want to pollute the forum or being agressive but could someone review and approove my JetPack if it’s good like I think ? Should I do something to have a response ?

I hope you don’t be offended but here’s a ticket system that could be great for the transparency and efficiency of the process :

I don’t know how many times I came here last weeks in order to see a response in vain. While sometimes other people have answer in hours. I am sorry to inform you that is not very fair and could be improved both for you, the wearable team, and for the creators. The plugin looks great :wink:


@Shibu @vrglitch @Chestnutbruze @HirotoKai @Malloy @Kat

Hello team,

I hope you’re fines. For me, to tell the truth, I still feeling a bit nervous with this validation process of wearable. I edit this post and delete my presentation made Tuesday, maybe it was inappropriate. I only keep pictures I made and the DCL - NFT project for witch I am looking for your opinion and partnership if you like.

In order to preserve myself, I have fix a calendar. I will edit this post every day until next Monday. After I will stop disturbing, modifiy my JetPack to publish it for free and go away.
I hope to have news from you until this but if you don’t want, I can’t force you and I want you to know that you don’t have to wait a long time for not earing from me anymore. After Monday I desappear. As you may have read, it’s a bit Beyrouth in my head and patience is not my first quality while I don’t like to be ignored. By the way I hope there will be another issue and that one of you will stop my monologue before.

Have a nice day,



(edit) As it’s not possible in the forum to have 3 response consecutive, I present my project bellow.
I have it in my my head for a few months and since a few weeks I think it could take place in Decentraland.
It’s the work of my twin sister which gives me the idea. She’s a professsionnal Raku artist. Here’s an example of her work, you can find more on her website :

Raku is a ceramic technical that creates only unique piece. I want to create an NFT wich include the original physical piece plus an high res 3D model plus a printable low res 3D model plus a 3D model for Decentraland.
I would like that the buyer could choice how many printable model can be editable and how many DCL item could be create and could invest himself in the promotion of the piece. If it’s not possible, it can be fix first and have different variation.

I think this package could be pretty usefull for sculptor not only Raku one but also wood and metal for example in order to have more visibility. Yet, printable object are not very valuable and these art model could be interested for those who earn a 3D printable. With the high res mesh you could also distribute copy like from the original with ceramic printing. 3D printable model could be publish for free or for a few dollars on website like

In Decentraland, you could organise show with many artist and people could like it for having it in their land or other virtual world in future. I think it’s pretty cool to earn physical and virtual model.

I can make a demo with the work of my sister in short times if someone have a land to host it. Maybe one of you could do the same with an artist in his country and we could make together an international show. I think that’s if it works, there could be some job for3D Designer in different country.

@Shibu @vrglitch @Chestnutbruze @HirotoKai @Malloy @Kat
I would really like to have your opinion about this project. Is it good or not ? If it’s good, could you help make it real ?
Of course, if you can also approve my JetPack it would be great :sweat_smile:

Many thanks for your response.


@Shibu @vrglitch @Chestnutbruze @HirotoKai @Malloy @Kat

Hello team, how are you ?
I think we are going a bit ridiculous, not only me telling you my life but also you, trying to ignore my wearable while the validation process has never been so fast for weeks. New wearable are being review in hours or minutes while it took me more than 21 days and it’s still pending.
After reflexion, I am sorry to inform you that I won’t disappear on next monday because you will have review my JetPack before. I am pretty sure of this, the alternative is that you ban me from here. Wait and see…
I will be glad and honored to work with you one day maybe but for now, I expect you to review my JetPack and I am feel really angry with the way you working which is unfair. I milit for a ticket system to improve the process with more transparency.
Have a good day, see you soon.

Hey @LF3 ! Totally my fault and so sorry for the delay! :pray:

The wearable has been approved!

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It’s OK @Shibu , thank you for approve it. I apologize myself for disturbing but I don’t know what to do.

@Shibu You know shit happens. I have read the document about Mining wearable some hours too late. I made a big mistake and decide to only mint 93 of this wearable in order to keep 7 for me. It’s the contrary that happens. I didn’t think that item for the first market were minted automatically.
So now, I can’t show my collection in first market. I am not sure you can help me but if there is a solution for me to propose my collection in first market again, I will be glad to know…


I think I have a problem with the contract of my JetPack. I can’t put it in a NFT Frame to publish it to a land nor I can’t sell it on open sea. Something goes wrong, is it normal to have a blockchain id 0 in this capture ?

Here’s the contract on polygon : Contract Address 0x46ffc2db05482d6500698b546beb868ed03b1a2c | PolygonScan should I do something ?
I offer a JetPack to the one who will help me solving that problem and help me insert my wearable in DCL World.

And, again, sorry for making some noise in the community after having published my JetPack. Emotional charge is strong when you come in DCL, people with mental disorder should come slowly and carrefully…
By the way, for me things reorder correctly in my brain : I am a 3D designer, not Pablo Escobar or Pope Gerbert ambassador :sweat_smile:. And it’s pretty cool to be a 3D designer in DCL, I really enjoy it, thanks to the community. See you soon with other project.

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Ouch, I spoke a lot here :heart_eyes:
Anyway, I don’t see another place to ask comitee to review my JetPack. I published a V2 of the JetPack near 3 weeks ago. Could you review it please ?
@Shibu @michi ? Other ?
Many thanks !

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Hey! You’ve been waiting since September for this to be approved, I’m 100% sure @shibu wont mind me having a look. Thank you SOOOO much for your patience, from your messages I can see you’re a super cool person. :pray:

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Just reviewing this it’s perfect @LF3 , would you be able to update the thumbnail to show both male and female colour designs so it’s clear its different based on gender to the person purchasing?

Once updated I’ll close it off~

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Many Thanks Michi :slight_smile:
I’ve uploaded a new png file with female representation.

To be true, my wearable has already been published some months ago by @Shibu . It’s only an improvment for the owners and for me (I had glow, reactor and resize Backpack). I ask for this review 3 weeks ago by publishing it via the builder.

I am cool but not enough to wait months :sweat_smile:. Anyway, while you are here, let’s publish it ! :smile: :pray:

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Thats all closed! Thank you for your patience~

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Many thanks Michi>, I’m so happy to wear it :slight_smile:

PS : I’ve a minor glitch on male representation when I float. I will fix it later. :pray:

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