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Jester RGB Hat

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Hello @michi <3,

First of all thank you for your time!

I’m the publisher of this wearable, since i published it as a recolorable RGB wearable the tris didn’t catch on to the data. i just screenshotted the statistics for you on blender.

I just noticed that the thumbnail isn’t functioning so i fixed that real quick by adding a new new smaller size.


I made the wearable so that the hairs remain darker then the hat on purpose, Because i didn’t want the RGB of the hat being matched with the hair.

I have tested the RGB functionallity on the Ropsten Test Network and it worked perfect, but in the builder it appaered black somehow and didn’t change along with the hair but ingame it worked perfectly fine.
also the female and male representation are basically the same it fits on both :smiley:

Thats approved, looks really funky fun!

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The quickest on network :dash:
You approved before i published lucky luke faster than his shadow <3

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