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Japanese Mask

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Japanese Carnaval Mask


A better view of the mask.

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Hey Brov, On here showing Love.
I think these are Dope and Would love to see them in DCL.

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Also looking here love that the eyes change great detail.

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I am happy to know that I am doing a great job!

Just want to bring this up that this model looks quite similar to Asian Fox Mask wearable on L1. Probably developed based on it.


There are a couple of modifications made. So I think it is up to curation committee’s discretion whether to accept this design or not.

The bases may be similar. But, the masks are pretty different. Look at the details, ears and colors. The mask you showed is a fox mask and I made a rabbit mask. If you look at these two examples below you can see that the bases are similar but they are very different shirts.

Hey, its sufficiently distinct from the asian fox mask in my mind so it’s alright.

Approving it now :+1:

Thank you so much! :grinning:

Anyone can purchase this mask on the link below: