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Heroic Wings


Very cool, do you have a pic in game you could post?

Thank you and here you go!

hey there let me have a look at it and will com back to you!

@Jake there is a copuple of things to fix but very cool wings first of all, the first thing to will be the crown in some hair you can’t see it I would recommend to make it bigger and elevate it over the head a little. You can test in the builder with different hair styles un case of doubt.

the other issue will be number of tris since this is a top head it needs to be reduced, in this case in concrete I would recommend to reduce to half, if possible more:

when this changes are done please let me know and I will review it again, have a nice day!

okay, thank you! I will let you know when complete, should not be very long!

@Lauretta I updated to the fixed version! Let me know of any problems and thank you!

done, it works nicely done approved!

Thank you! Have a good day/night and Happy New Year!