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Itchy Mask Undercover

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**Itchy Marble Mask **

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@Lauretta Hi, I published a new collection here. So you should be able to see the model now. Please approve. This costs a lot of MANA for publishing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey, reviwing the collection now.

Collection has been approved.

@AndreusAs Thank you so so much ! really appreciate it ! quick question, when does it go to the marketplace?

@ItchyMan go to your collection and toggle the β€œon sale” it will available for sale on the marketplace after that

Got it! Thank you! sorry it is my first time but I will keep my work going! I have some really dope ideas going on already.

@ItchyMan you didnt need to create a new collection just upload the model on the settings on the old one

please take this into account in future collections dont create new collections with the new models it can be misleading sometimes