Collection 'Itchy Mask ' created by JJT#e58b is ready for review!

Thank you! the revised version of this mask is in the new collection called “Itchy Mask Undercover”. Please let me know, if you are okay after reviewing it. I will set price and publish it.

hello @ItchyMan I just checked the wearable and seems that the model hasn’tm been uploaded or I can’t just see it

If you click in this link and you will see the new mask collection.

Hello again @ItchyMan it seem there was some kind of error and the mask hasnt uploaded correctly since its still the one you posted first can you upload the model again

@Lauretta Hi, I will publish a new collection of the new mask then. Please review and approve. Thank you !

@ItchyMan that isn’t really neccesary, you could just upload the model here on the builder

this exist so that creators can correct theis models and dont expend the money inneccessarily, take this into account in future collections

Oh, Dang it, I didn’t know about this. Sorry about that, but sincerely appreciate it. This means a lot. Thank you. So what about the previous collection? Do I just leave it there or need to delete it, since the new one is approved and on the marketplace now.

no need I will recommend to upload a different mask so that you dont lost the money you inverted on that collection, that way you dont that lose that

Great idea. I will try to make a different mask then. Thank you for the tip! You guys are awesome :raised_hands:

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