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Hello will check this now!


  • Wearable is not rigged. You need to rig it to the reference armature: Wearable Reference Models - Google Drive
  • Reduce tris count to 5000.
  • Remove QR code from texture, this is not allowed.
  • Add hides: helmet, eyewear, tiara, earring, mask, hat, top head
    Let @ me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

@fabeeobreen could you please check this again as it has been updated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen we have updated the wearable so that it is rigged and we have reduced the tris count by removing some of the design. The QR code is part of the activation that we are doing at MVFW and is very crucial part so we really cant remove this. I have added all of the hides. Please let me know if approved. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hello @nicIoDF !
Rigging is working fine, you need to reduce tris count to 5000 though.
Sorry but you will need to remove QR code to proceed with approvation: it is not allowed.

@fabeeobreen it really is integral to our activation to have the QR code. Can you let us know why it isn’t allowed? :slight_smile:

QR code on wearables are not allowed for security reason

@fabeeobreen understood, we have updated the file so that the QR code is removed and the tris count is reduced. Let me know if all okay now? :slight_smile:

Hello @nicIoDF
Add hides: helmet, eyewear, tiara, earring, mask, hat, top head

@fabeeobreen I have added the hides. Let me know if there is anything else :slight_smile:

collection approved! @nicIoDF