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I just bought this, and I’m surprised to see my toes visible as the avatar shifts weight from side to side… my feet haven’t had their spring pedicure and my toes are showing. Any chance it can be fixed before fashion week? I don’t think I’ll wear it as is. Thank you! (Or a simple fix would be to remove the shoes so we can wear our own footwear, which I would prefer)

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Ohh nice catch @Canessa Thank you! @adam could you please hide the feet?

Thanks Yannakis, it’s also very obvious when I’m hovering…

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@Yannakis @Canessa Done! Thanks for letting me know! And thank you @Canessa for buying, you are our first sale!!! Best, Adam

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I love the style! I’m excited to wear it this weekend. I’m still experiencing the same problem… I’ve cleared my cache and reloaded my page to make sure I have the latest copy. I’ll retry again in a little bit…

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Thank you for making the neccessary changes, collection approved!

It says “under review” so I imagine once that gets approved the fix will show up, I promise the fix has happened on our end, hopefully it will get approved soon! @Yannakis are you in charge of approvals still or does it go to someone else at this point? Thank you!

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I have already approved it! If it doesnt refresh in a few mins let me know!

@Canessa did the update go through for you yet?

It did! Everything works great, thank you, and I hope you have a fantastic show!


AMAZING!!! You look great!! Thank you for sharing.

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