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Invisible Rastas (Wearable)

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Invisible Rastas (Bob)

Invisible Rastas (Lucky)

Checking these skins now!

Would it be possible to add some hands to stay closer to the human armature? Maybe some rasta gloves to keep the concept? Thanks in advance!

ok @Yannakis let me try to do that. i’ve almost exhausted my triangles. i’m literally out of triangle count

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If you use the base hands with a texture should be more than 500 tris and you have a bit more than that! Waiting for your update! :ok_man:

Hi @Yannakis i just made adjustments now. Thanks for your suggestion. I really Appreciate

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Could you please do the same for Bob?

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Hi @Yannakis yes i just made adjustments to bob too… Thank you.

Collection approved!

Thank you so much @Yannakis. I am happy to contribute to the ecosystem

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Hi @Yannakis please i tried hiding some hat and helmet from showing. i also mistakenly changed the glb file but i have corrected it back. I just pushed changes. Thank you.

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Nice, approved the changed!