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iMining Wearables

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Will check this now!

Hey, i think the wearable is not weighted. Let me know when its fixed by tagging me here

Hi @Yannakis,
We have update our wearable. Please review

Hey, will pass the curration process to @michi since i helped fix these!

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Sounds good.


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Hey @MHTN_Operator , I’ve seen your work on LinkedIn! Excited to have you join the DCL metaverse~
Currently head looks in tact which is always a great start.

I can tell currently there is a colour applied to the hands making it tint a kind of yellow shade. If you can ensure all Avatar_Skin_M is 100% white so the game can tint the skin colour automatically?

Female version currently is using male representation so doesn’t fit the avatar correctly, if you can make a male and female version then that would prevent any clipping issues~

Feel free to drop an @ when you’re ready for me to re-review and if you hae any questions please feel free to ask!
Thank you~

Oops thats not the collection i made got confused. :joy:

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Hey @michi, Thanks for the welcome and the feedback. We will make the appropriate changes.


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Hi @michi ,

The files have been updated. Please have a look.


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Watch out ladies, this bad boy is approved!

@michi Thanks for everything


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