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Illuminated by the Eye

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Illuminated Street Sneakers

Blessed Rat Mount

Illuminated Street Cap

Illuminated Street Cargo Pants

Illuminated Street Hoodie


Will check these soon!

So much talent!!! Just some clipping on female waist, and some moving parts on the male upper body. Also weighting on mount has to be reworked to fix the distortion.

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hello @Yannakis I have updated the wearables to make the changes you asked for, let me know if you need anything else

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Hey, unfortunately due to the mechanics of the game that are currently available such a lower body (mount) cant be supported. Ill have to kindly ask you to alter the design. Thank you for you understanding…

No problem man I will alter it get back to you when I have, same though the animation was smoother now @Yannakis

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hello @Yannakis I have uploaded the new model overwritten the rat let me know if it works

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Everything looks great only thing left would be to bring the tris count of hoodie and shoes closer to the 1.5k tris limit.

hello @Yannakis I reduced the models

hey sorry could you also decrease hat to 2 materials?

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Collection approved! Thank you for making all the neccessary changes!

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hello @Yannakis we updated the rat blesed skin to make it a smartwearable its a collab tofether with Nikkifuego so if you could review it whne possible that would be lovely


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Wow…collection approved!