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ICE Spartan

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Apsis (ICE Level 1)

Apsis (ICE Level 2)

Apsis (ICE Level 3)

Linothorax (ICE Level 4)

Shield (ICE Level 5)

Linothorax (ICE Level 5)

Galea (ICE Level 1)

Galea (ICE Level 2)

Galea (ICE Level 4)

Galea (ICE Level 3)

Galea (ICE Level 5)

Pteruges (ICE Level 1)

Pteruges (ICE Level 2)

Pteruges (ICE Level 3)

Pteruges (ICE Level 4)

Pteruges (ICE Level 5)

Apsis (ICE Level 4)

Soleae (ICE Level 1)

Soleae (ICE Level 2)

Soleae (ICE Level 3)

Soleae (ICE Level 4)

Soleae (ICE Level 5)

Linothorax (ICE Level 1)

Linothorax (ICE Level 2)

Linothorax (ICE Level 3)


some rigging issues and need thumbnails and other stuff will be added


Don’t think we don’t see this :wink: Can’t wait for these to launch :shushing_face:

i will review this now

could you rig the shoulders of the Linothorax to the shoulder armature to avoid clipping

The right ankle on the Soleae need to be rigged to the right lower leg bone

Could you also reduce the tris of the upper and lower body to 1500?


@Sango fixed, ty ser

nice one, ill take another look now

Theres a few normal issue that need taking care of on the upper body parts

on the back of the shin pads too
both of these are on the male and female representations

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Ohh I hope I can afford to get a few of these…

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@Sango i think good to go ser

sweet, ill check over them again

upperbody is fine now, we just need to pay some attention to the lowerbody now.

There is still gaps in the mesh on the shin pads

And could you sort out the backfaces on the skirt?

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@sango these were problems created after you asked us to remove geo ser. we are working in circles

will add back the geo

then you need to find other areas to remove geometry from, i could take a look at the file and suggest areas to take out geometry from if you wish. Otherwise you need to keep in mind the other restrictions when making fixes to avoid running into another

should be good @Sango will need to update thumbnails though

ok nice one, ill take another look

I think if you cap the bottom of the dress it will solve all the issues as the backfacing normals are still visible when running

Theres some weighting issues on the legs

and also ive just noticed theres still some splitting in the mesh at the armpit


alright I think we got it

great work @Saus , all models are fine now. Just one thing- there are no female representations for the helmets, is this out of choice or were they missed out by accident?