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ICE Poker Tournament Wearables

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Diamond Shades

Block Shades

Speed Shades


DG Gingerbread Man

**DG Antlers **

DG Nutcracker

DG Snowman


Classic Fedora

Styled Sweater

Cuffed Denim

Tassel Loafers

Boa Toque


Golf Slacks


Tournament Shorts

Tournament Trackpants


Baby Baus


Light Up




The second nutcracker is placeholder for item coming tomorrow, but a review of the others would be much appreciated ser :pray:

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HI! I will review this collection

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @Saus
This issues needs to be fixed:
block shades: reduce triangle count to 500 or less

fedora: small overlap with head

dg antlers: i think this will match better in hat slot?
snowman: sorry, but we don’t approve static things anymore :frowning: so you will need to skin arms and do something legs

diamond shades: reduce triangle count to 500 or less
spacefarers: reduce triangle count to 500 or less

boa toque: small overlap with head

peacoat: hands needs to be weight painted, reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

marked area should be weight painted to 1 to neck bone

styled sweater: reduce triangle count to 1500 or less
trackpants: reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

baby saus: overlap with pants on back

blizzard: overlap with pants on back

light up: overlap with pants on back

orbit: overlap with pants on back

polygon: overlap with pants on back

female versions:
tournament trackpants: can you move forward a bit marked area? it doesn’t look very well on front

@theankou “do something legs” what does this mean? can you elaborate? makes 0 sense

does not seem that it was the case with this item

yeah, sorry, was a typo, let me check once again this coat

this is an old wearable, it was approved before new rules has come for skin category

Hey @Saus message about legs is about snowman wearable, sorry for typo
you will need to add simple legs and weight paint arms to arms bones to get an approval for snowman

Ser!!! This is great work again. I can’t wait to learn how to get these! I want that baby baus!

@theankou can you check the snowman and see if that is sufficient

@theankou sweaters should be good as well

i will ask curation comittee members for their opinion about snowman, i will let you know final decision
there is one more issue with reindeer, looks like toys are not weight painted

sweaters are perfect now!

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@theankou sounds good, would love to hear what they say

@theankou have you heard back from the committee?

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yup, looks like it’s good to go, i checked skinning in-game and it’s ok too

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@theankou glasses fixes will be in shortly. would it be ok if I get this approved after they are in so I get start testing them for our SNG play? ill circle back with the last pants fix asap, before they go live as well

yup, this is possible

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@theankou ok glasses fixes are in :pray: