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White Puffer

Hello will check this now

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @Saus !

  • F1Jacket Check female > upperbody is clipping with lowerbody hips // male is good to go!
  • DGRobe Check hips/legs skin weights > both version are clipping with lowerbody when walking/running
  • White Puffer : Female is good! Just a little clipping with male version around hips (see image)

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@fabeeobreen updated ser

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Collection approved!

I’m under the impression that Saus has submitted an updated version of these items for the Hands fix.

Is there any way, when you get around to reviewing the long list of items he’s updated, you do this collection and the White Puffer first?


I hope you are well.

Hello @jar0d !
It looks like all but White Puffer has been updated without hands

lol. Damn. Thanks for the prompt response.

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@fabeeobreen I pushed updates again

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Hey @Saus !

  • I’m still seeing White puffer model with hands, can you check again?
  • Please also check DGRobe: (female only) > have you updated the last version of the model? it has clipping issues with lowerbody when walk/run. Male version is good

@fabeeobreen you should have the devs check into the collection. this will be my 5-6 time upload these files. this is not the only collection this is happening on and it is an absolute pain the ass. Paying $150 just to have to update my files seems like a horrible deal to an outsider

this is what I see, how is it possible that you only see a female rep?

Sorry maybe i didn’t express well myself:

  • Robe: i see both versions, male is ok. Female is having some clipping issue. Looking at the past coments you had fixed that before, that’s why i was asking if you were uploading the last version of the item.
  • Puffer: While the other items 3D models doesn’t have hands, i see hands attached to the puffer jacket. I thought you wanted to update all of these wearables without hands. If that’s not the case you can ad hides > handwear for the puffer.

the issue i am having is having to upload files, push updates, and the files not being the current files that i updated (old files). and then my collections showing as unsync. having to push updates again, and then of course the wrong files being updated

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this has happened with almost every collection I have updated

I will reupload all of the files again

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Thank you @Saus ,
files are correct, puffer glb has no hands!
Approving collection


Thank you @fabeeobreen apologies for the frustration, I thought I was going insane