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ICE Poker - Halloween 2023

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Donkey Head


**DG Maid **

**Devil **



Alien Trex

Puffer Vest - Purple

Puffer Pants - Purple

Kicker Kicks

hey will review this now

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

  1. Looks like head should be hidden here:

ALSO, it would be quite nice to reduce the amount of materials and textures for this one.

  1. I can equip helemts with this skin:

  2. With this one, too:

  3. The Devil is bugged (looks like some _end bones are involved), true for the male rep only:

  4. Emission on the female Angel seem to be turned off. Might be intentional, but still.

  5. Helmets can be put on with this skin, too:

  6. Can this clipping be fixed?

ALSO reduce amount of polys a bit, please.

ALSO, helmets here, too:

  1. Kicker Kicks seem to be bugged, too (looks like _end bones again), true for both representations:

@AndreusAs these should be good to go!

wait a sec i need to update thumbnail

@AndreusAs ok now good


  1. Kicker Kicks seem to have wrong thumbnail.

  2. I can equip helmets with the Devil:

@AndreusAs fixed good ser

Collection approved!