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ICE Poker Chest Wearables 2

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Classic Shades

Retro Racer Shades

Pocket Pair Hat

Oversize Tee

Oversized L/S Tee

Crewneck Sweater

Oversize Hoodie

**Cargo Pants **

White Ripped Jeans


hi i will review this now

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The collection has been assigned to Sango


just a few points;

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@Sango ok should be good to go ser :saluting_face:

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great, all the issues have been address. i did notice one more thing though on the female L/S tee

its clipping on the hips when running

@Sango updated again :saluting_face:

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This collection has been approved

@Sango it says the shirt was unsynced. just pushed an update

okay, thats all been done now

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@Sango smol update on white jeans mesh

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Slight gap in the left knee

@Sango updated good ser!

Updates have been approved!