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ICE Poker Arcade Wearables

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Retro Aviators - Yellow

Retro Aviators - Orange

Lips Shades

Vintage Jersey

Puffer Vest

Hawaiian Shirt

Checkered Sherpa Jacket

Denim Jacket

Patterned Shepra Jacket

Checkered Boardshorts

Patch Jeans

Cut Jeans

Chukka Boot

Air Dads

ICE 1s

Patterned Shepra Bucket Hat

Checkered Shepra Bucket Hat


ICE F1 Helmet

ICE F1 Suit

ICE F1 Shoes

Black Boots

Synth Astronaut

Mardi Gras

Cinco De Mayo

Easter Bunny

**Saint Patty **

hi i will check this collection over for you

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

very cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on these

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Cinco De Mayo male clips alot on the guitar with the arms when its running


on the puffer vest the logo clips into the jacket when running on both male and female

The female version of the vintage jersey has some clipping on the waist whilst running

Theres also so clipping between the dress and chest of the female cinco de mayo set when running

could you address these bits?

@Sango ok ser fixes should be in!

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the cinco de mayo has been put in the wrong category. once you have this over as a skin the collection can be approved

@Sango the cinco de mayo does not have a head/face. when I use the skin slot for it the face does not show, which is why I put it in the upperbody slot and hid others. preferably users are able to still customize their face! let me know if that makes sense

first one is without head is the skin
second one is as an upperbody

ok just make sure the things are in hide category, there wasnt any so there was a lot clipping

@Sango yes I was missing the other hides. should be good to go :slight_smile:

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this collection has been approved :slight_smile:



@Sango updates upperbody thumbnails :slight_smile:

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Hi, could you add these items to the hide list on the F1 helmet please?

  • Hat
  • earrings
  • eyewear


@Sango should be done ser :slight_smile:

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@Sango updated f1 suit hides

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Update has been pushed

@Sango misssd hides for mykonos :pray: ty ser

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The update has been pushed