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ICE Plague

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Venetian Mask (ICE Level 1)

Venetian Mask (ICE Level 2)

Venetian Mask (ICE Level 3)

Venetian Mask (ICE Level 4)

Venetian Mask (ICE Level 5)

Tunic (ICE Level 1)

Tunic (ICE Level 2)

Tunic (ICE Level 3)

Tunic (ICE Level 4)

Tunic (ICE Level 5)

Plague Trousers (ICE Level 1)

Plague Trousers (ICE Level 2)

Plague Trousers (ICE Level 3)

Plague Trousers (ICE Level 4)

Plague Trousers (ICE Level 5)

Plague Walkers (ICE Level 1)

Plague Walkers (ICE Level 2)

Plague Walkers (ICE Level 3)

Plague Walkers (ICE Level 4)

Plague Walkers (ICE Level 5)

Bird Cane (ICE Level 1)

Bird Cane (ICE Level 2)

Bird Cane (ICE Level 3)

Bird Cane (ICE Level 4)

Bird Cane (ICE Level 5)

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Hey! I will check this collection :slight_smile:

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

venetian mask:
add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • eyewear

plague trousers:

  • level 2, level 3, level 4 missing female representation

maybe shorten handle a bit? right now it overlaps with floor on running and on some other animations

@theankou updated fixes and female reps. I moved the staff a little bit further away from the body and shortened it slightly

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Hey @Saus! sorry for delay, looks like i missed notification, i will check collection now

сollection approved!

Exceptional collection! I especially like the plague doctor vibes of the Mask and Cane. I’ve been hoping to see more ‘dark’ styled items in the game.

Hoping I can save my pennies and pick one of each up in the future.


Beautiful like them keep up the good work @Saus

@theankou updated the hides. may I have this reapproved when you have a moment, pls?

Thank you @BTC @Frank these are finally starting to appear as well!

hey @Saus this categories now missing on venetian mask or some of masks have only 1 category added to hiding list, when both should be hidden:

  • earring
  • eyewear

@theankou would we be able to not hide the earring spot so our users can wear their scepter with this outfit?

there will be issues with other earring and eyewear accessories :frowning:

@theankou updated hides

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collection re-approved!

hey @theankou made a smol update to the Bird Cane Level 5. may I have reapproval when you have a moment

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collection re-approved!