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ICE Linens

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**Linen Shirt (ICE Level 5) **

Linen Pants (ICE Level 5)

Boater Hat (ICE Level 1)

Boater Hat (ICE Level 2)

Boater Hat (ICE Level 4)

Boater Hat (ICE Level 3)

XL Pipe (ICE Level 4)

XL Pipe (ICE Level 3)

Linen Pants (ICE Level 3)

Linen Shirt (ICE Level 2)

Linen Shirt (ICE Level 4)

Boater Shoes (ICE Level 2)

Boater Shoes (ICE Level 4)

Boater Shoes (ICE Level 3)

Boater Shoes (ICE Level 5)

Boater Hat (ICE Level 5)

Boater Shoes (ICE Level 1)

Linen Pants (ICE Level 1)

Linen Pants (ICE Level 2)

Linen Pants (ICE Level 4)

Linen Shirt (ICE Level 1)

Linen Shirt (ICE Level 3)

XL Pipe (ICE Level 1)

XL Pipe (ICE Level 2)

XL Pipe (ICE Level 5)

checking these out now :+1:

Hey @Saus, cool set :+1:

A couple of things to fix:

  1. the shirts are clipping with the pants as you can see in the image

The female shirts do not align at the neck with the avatar

  1. The gold pants for the female are using the male model which doesn’t align with the waist of the female avatar

  2. The skin part of the shoes has a different color than the legs, i suspect it is because the default skin texture is not applied to the skin material of the shoes

  3. The hats don’t have a female representation

  4. Lastly, the pipes are categorized as top_head, but this category doesn’t really make sense for a smoking pipe. A mask category would be closer although not 100% correct, but I think it’s sufficient since the placement would be similar

@Chestnutbruze you are the man. I put pipe as top head as all ICE smoking accessories will be in that spot - so that will remain if ok ser. will get started on the other fixes!

@Chestnutbruze everything is updated but the shoes :slight_smile:

shoes updated as well!

okay, taking a look now

Hey @Saus , I’m still seeing some of the same issues

female neck:

some of the hats dont have female reps:

and the ankle part of the shoe is also a different skintone than the legs

@Chestnutbruze should be good to go ser!!

Hey, thx for making changes.

one last thing though, shirt level 1 doesnt have a female rep

I think this is the final thing before i can approve

this gonna be epiiic!

@Chestnutbruze updated hides for hats

@Chestnutbruze update the linen shirts

@Chestnutbruze updated names on this one too :slight_smile: