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ICE Chef

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Chef’s Pants (ICE Level 5)

Chef Top (ICE Level 5)

Nonslips (ICE Level 4)

Star (ICE Level 3)

Toque Blanche (ICE Level 1)

Chef’s Apron (ICE Level 4)

Chef’s Kicks (ICE Level 5)

Toque Blanche (ICE Level 3)

Toque Blanche (ICE Level 4)

Chef’s Flow (ICE Level 5)

Chef Top (ICE Level 1)

Nonslips (ICE Level 3)

Star (ICE Level 1)

Star (ICE Level 2)

Star (ICE Level 4)

Chef Shades (ICE Level 5)

Chef’s Apron (ICE Level 1)

Chef’s Apron (ICE Level 2)

Chef’s Apron (ICE Level 3)

Nonslips (ICE Level 1)

Nonslips (ICE Level 2)

Toque Blanche (ICE Level 2)

Chef Top (ICE Level 2)

Chef Top (ICE Level 3)

Chef Top (ICE Level 4)


Can’t wait to grab one !

Taking a peep at these now :+1:

@Saus Hey! So I’ve taken a look and these are the immediate things that need looking at before I can approve;

Female waist line weighting:


Apart from this, everything else seems to be good weight wise!

Item scaling:
Uploading: image.png(1)…

Very cool idea with the stars above the chef hats etc… but this is far too large to be accepted into the game at the moment, my advice would be reduce the size of the novel hats and bring the stars down in height alongside them.

Thumbnail representation:

Currently all of the hats are shown in the thumbnails as stars and this is confusing for the end user, if they could represent the updated hats that’d be ace!

Visual fidelity:

Just a couple of parts that are your prerogative to fix;

  • the chunks of hair missing at the back,
  • the lack of backfacing to the apron

Look forward to hearing from you with updates!